About us


Ocean Ride was established in 2015 & is Dubai’s leading yacht charter company. We provide all type of rental Boat, Yacht and charter in Dubai, Marina.We We will coordinate and create the right mood and ambience for any occasion, whether your theme is casual or elegant. Depending on the number of people onboard, for either a private or corporate Charter, Ocean Ride will arrange for additional crew members to meet your special requirements.


We envision Ocean Ride Yachts as the premier provider of boating enjoyment in the Adriatic and beyond by being the very best Yacht Charterer and Broker in Dubai through the building of a business that places people and the attainment of their unique vacation experience before profit.


Ensure our clients and their guests experience the very best a yacht charter vacation in Dubai has to offer and to facilitate the unique experience of having a nautical- based holiday where people truly feel Dubai with all their senses and can’t wait to return.

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